...Me, an illustrator on the island of the island...


I love to illustrate paint create and this is the place I do it. I live in a Great small island that needs to be discovered!


Illustrating is my job and my passion and has lead me to have more than 30 published children and animated books available in many countries around the world and in many format (print, online, tablet). My style is a combination of traditional and digtal painting. I have a mirror, a penguin dancer and a talking gorilla on my desk, and most of all sonic screwdriver.



www.piedenero.com #PicturesMeanBusiness


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Do you like to help me out with my studies ? Be my Patreon :D I'm working also on a self book project where I can use your help and critics, I will develop some murales in our #Bedandbreakfast and you can come planning your holiday.